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Administrative Monetary Penalties ("AMP"s) are one of an array of enforcement options that includes warning letters, tickets, permit cancellations and criminal prosecutions.

Author: Rolfe, Christopher J. B.
Publication Date: January 1997
Pages: 20

B.C. Environmental Assessment Act

Author: Rolfe, Chris; Finch, Andrea
Publication Date: January 1997
Pages: 15

West Coast Environmental Law Association has provided legal services to citizens in British Columbia concerned about threats to the environment since 1974. One important area of our mandate involves working to improve environmental legislation, regulations and policy.

Author: Hillyer, Ann; Nowlan, Linda; Rolfe, Chris
Publication Date: July 1996
Pages: 9

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Author: Andrews, William; Ashbridge, Morgan; Heald, Christopher, Milojkovic, Slobodan; Stanton, Kim
Publication Date: June 1996
Pages: 43

These proceedings are the summary of a workshop on urban stream protection organized by West Coast Environmental Law.

Author: West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation
Publication Date: June 1996
Pages: 110

Note: This publication was originally published as both a booklet and a web based HTML document.  This .pdf version does not have the pictures/diagrams that were in the original documents.  As a result, the formatting of this .pdf may be marginally affected.  If you would like to view the

Author: Jeffries, Bill; Nowlan, Linda
Publication Date: May 1996
Pages: 127
The Issues
Author: West Coast Environmental Law Association
Publication Date: May 1996
Pages: 37

Today's environmental imperatives are propelling us into an era where we must rethink our approach to environmental protection.

Author: Hillyer, Ann
Publication Date: May 1996
Pages: 10

The British Columbia Greenhouse Gas Action Plan was published in November 1995 by the British Columbia Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks.

Author: Rolfe, Christopher
Publication Date: April 1996
Pages: 15

This report is about the laws and policies that affect protection of biological diversity in British Columbia. Biodiversity means the whole spectrum of life on earth. It includes species diversity , genetic diversity and ecosystem diversity.

Author: Nowlan, Linda
Publication Date: March 1996
Pages: 62