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This report details the range of tools local governments are using to protect the agricultural working landscape, and directs readers to specific examples of local government bylaws and policies.

Author: Curran, Deborah
Publication Date: November 2005
Pages: 56

This Submission is a response to the International Joint Commission’s (IJC) requests for comments on the application of the Canadian Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fisheries Commission (CCRIFC) to have the IJC enforce the conditions of its Order of Approval for the Grand Coulee Dam and reservoir (th

Author: Gage, Andrew; Bankes, Nigel (assistance)
Publication Date: October 2005
Pages: 10

On March 31, 2005 the province’s new Riparian Areas Regulation (the “RAR”) will come into force. The RAR, designed to protect fish and fish habitat from inappropriate development, significantly weakens an earlier regulation, the Streamside Protection Regulation (“SPR”).

Author: West Coast Environmental Law
Publication Date: June 2005
Pages: 4

West Coast has reviewed an Initial Draft Discussion Paper prepared and circulated on March 11, 2005 by Perrin, Thorau and Associates, consultants to the BC Minister of Energy and Mines, and submits the following comments on the issue of access to information regarding compensation details in petr

Author: West Coast Environmental Law
Publication Date: March 2005
Pages: 7

As society grapples with environmental problems ranging from toxic contamination to climate change, it is essential that government maintain a safety net of robust laws, policies and programs aimed at protecting our environment and building a solid foundation from which to grow a thriving, sustai

Author: West Coast Environmental Law
Publication Date: February 2005
Pages: 60

British Columbia is in the initial phase of coal bed methane (CBM) exploration and production. CBM production requires an operator to dewater coal seam aquifers to release the methane gas for capture.

Author: Myers, Tom; Chambers, David; Crook, Amy
Publication Date: January 2005
Pages: 12