West Coast 2009 Party Platform Review on Key Environmental Issues

BC Liberal Party, BC NDP, BC Green Party, Environmental Assessment, Fish Farms, First Nations Rights, Forest Policy, Land Use Planning, Climate Change, Toxics, Pesticides
West Coast Environmental Law

West Coast Environmental Law has reviewed the platforms of the BC Liberal Party, the BC NDP, and the BC Green Party on a number of key environmental issues. We have chosen to focus on party platforms as these are the commitments that the parties themselves have put forward for the voters to consider and allow a balanced comparison between incumbents and challengers. The parties were ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 for each area identified, using best practices recommended by West Coast as a benchmark for comparison. While each party had an opportunity to review and correct or comment on how their positions were characterized, any errors or omissions in the final product remain the sole responsibility of West Coast. 

To read our platform reviews on key environmental issues, please click on a topic below:

Environmental Assessment
Fish Farms
First Nations Rights and Public Engagement

Forest Policy
Forests and Climate Change
Land Use Planning and Forest Practices
Species at Risk
To read Pembina's review of parties’ platform positions on Climate and Energy, please click here.

Ranking system

5 Stars:  ­ The proposed measures, taken as a whole, meet West Coast Environmental Law recommendations
4 Stars:  ­ The proposed measures, taken as a whole, almost meet West Coast Environmental Law recommendations
3 Stars: ­ The proposed measures, taken as a whole, will result in some progress on the issue but are not as ambitious as they should be
2 Stars: The proposed measures will maintain the status quo, or reflect progress on some issues counterbalanced by steps backwards on others.
1 Star:  ­­ The proposed measures, taken as a whole, represent a step backward and will impede progress on the issue.


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