Topsoil - Law and Policy Primer for Rainwater Management and Water Conservation

Topsoil, Primer, Green Infrastructure Partnership, Rainwater Management, Water Conservation
West Coast Environmental Law et al.

An absorbent topsoil layer has emerged as a fundamental building block for achieving water sustainability outcomes through implementation of green infrastructure practices:

  1. Rainwater Management: An absorbent topsoil layer serves as asponge when it is raining, results inhealthier landscaping, and contributes to sustainability of aquatic habitat.
  2. Water Conservation: Well-rooted landscaping then requires less irrigation water, stays green longer during a drought, and contributes to sustainability of water supply.

In collaboration with three municipalities (City of Surrey, City of Courtenay and District of North Vancouver) that have pioneered absorbent topsoil requirements, the Green Infrastructure Partnership has developed two primers to assist local government staff and designers: this one deals with Law and Policy; while the other is a Technical Primer.

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