The Streamside Protection Regulation and Opportunities for Citizen Advocacy

Grant, Kathy

In January 2001, the provincial government passed the Streamside Protection Regulation pursuant to section 12 of the Fish Protection Act. It requires local governments to protect streamside protection and enhancement areas (SPEAs) through zoning bylaws, official community plans, development permit areas and other land use planning and regulatory tools by January 2006. The Streamside Protection Regulation is in year one of a five year implementation period. Many of the on-the-ground details of how the regulation will work are being currently developed. In fact, the provincial government is set to release a draft Implementation Guide for Local Governments sometime in October 2001. Stream stewardship advocates can anticipate (and participate to a degree) in mapping and documenting streamside conditions, determining SPEAs for streams threatened by residential, commercial and industrial development, incorporating SPEAs into law, and monitoring and enforcing compliance with SPEAs. Watchdogging and commenting on local government decisions, and expressing support for the regulation to the provincial government are two key ways that citizens can help to implement the SPR.

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