Oil spills in BC: Will we be ready? A public guide to speaking up about BC's proposed spill response rules

Gavin Smith, Alexandra Woodsworth, Karen Wristen

The BC government is changing the way it plans for and responds to spills of hazardous substances in the province. In May 2016, a new law was passed, amending the Environmental Management Act that governs spill planning and response. The Ministry of Environment is consulting stakeholders and the public until June 30, 2016 on the regulations that will implement the proposed new framework.

This overview of the proposed new BC spill response framework is designed to help members of the public understand, assess and engage in developing the new framework. It includes information about what is changing, the key shortcomings of the proposed framework, how it relates to the BC Government’s positioning around oil pipelines and tankers, and how to get involved.

This backgrounder was co-produced by West Coast Environmental Law, Georgia Strait Alliance and Living Oceans Society.

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