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Comments On The Proposed Amendments To The Squamish Estuary Management Plan

Environmental Assessment;
Alexander, Lawrence


1. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT. We recommend that the Coordinating Committee conduct environmental impact studies for each of the proposed re-designated areas, and make these studies available for public comment and review.

2. ALTERNATIVES. We recommend that the Coordinating Committee undertake a comprehensive study of alternative sites for the back-up port facility intended under the Amended Plan for Site "A", and for the track and road service necessary for that back-up port facility intended under the Amended Plan for Site "H".

3. COMPENSATION/MITIGATION. The Coordinating Committee should undertake careful study of the effectiveness and reliability of any proposed compensation/mitigation measures proposed, and include representatives from non-governmental groups in the design, implementation and monitoring of such measures.

4. COVENANTS AND EASEMENTS. Covenants and Easements granted under the Amended Plan must: (a) ensure that B.C. Rail is legally obligated to maintain all important habitat values, and (b) ensure adequate access to the lands in question.

5. PUBLIC PARTICIPATION. The Coordinating Committee should be re-constituted to include representation from non-governmental organizations and the Squamish Nation. A working group composed of representatives from all interests on the Committee should be struck to consider in detail the proposed amendments to SEMP, the potential environmental impacts of each proposal, and any alternative sites for development. The information bank should be updated and maintained.

6. FORMAL STRUCTURE. The Coordinating Committee should study the advantages and disadvantages of continuing to operate under a plan with no formal legal genesis, and should, if warranted, request that the plan be established by Order in Council.

7. BASIN MANAGEMENT. A management plan should be developed for the entire Howe Sound Basin and the SEMP should be incorporated into that plan.

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December 1, 1991
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