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2009 Forestry Case Law Briefing

Aboriginal; title and rights; forestry; strategic planning; tenure; Section 35(1); constitutional law; Haida v. BC;
West Coast Environmental Law

Many of the leading cases regarding the constitutional duties of the Crown to First Nations have arisen in the forestry context. This Forestry Case Law Briefing provides a summary of the legal principles from these cases and the opportunities and challenges they present for defending and exercising Aboriginal Title and Rights in the forestry context. Prepared by West Coast Environmental Laws Executive Director & Senior Council the report covers constitutional law principles regarding forestry law,  tenure, strategic planning, operational planning, forest and range agreements, and aboriginal logging rights, and includes case summaries of the leading Aboriginal law decisions on forestry and land use in BC.

Publication Date: 
April 1, 2009
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West Coast Environmental Law
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Vancouver, BC
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