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West Coast Environmental Law reacts to Release of Timber Supply Committee Report Today

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Committee’s science-based approach is sound, but forest reserves should remain off limits to logging say environmental lawyers

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (August 15,  2012) - Jessica Clogg, Executive Director and Senior Counsel at West Coast Environmental Law issued the following statement in response to the release of the Report of the Special Committee on Timber Supply appointed by the BC Legislature.

“The Special Committee heard loudly and clearly from many British Columbians that forest reserves and the values they protect –from old growth forest, to fish and wildlife habitat, to scenic values –should not be sacrificed. Yet the Committee stopped short of recommending that these areas remain off limits to logging, instead promoting a time-limited review of land use plans to consider the issue.

If British Columbians are to invest in further land use planning discussions, the focus should be on measures to maintain resilient forests and resilient communities for the long term –not just whether to log the small percentage of areas currently reserved for non-timber values. In the face of the cumulative effects of past development and climate change, this will almost certainly mean conserving more, not less, of the landscape to maintain the natural life support systems like clean water and flood control that sustain us and all species.

The Committee appears to have opened the door to a science-based approach to land use decision-making that includes local communities and non-governmental organisations, recognizes First Nations rights, and focuses on improving overall forest management in beetle-impacted areas. The Legislature would be wise to listen.”


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