TAKE ACTION: Tell the government to do better to protect our communities from heat waves and climate change

We feel, in the wake of this year’s heat wave and the loss of the Village of Lytton to wildfire, that the BC government needs to do much more – much more urgently – to protect our communities from climate change.

If you agree, take a few minutes to tell the government what you’d like to see in BC’s Climate Preparedness and Adaptation Strategy. The government is consulting the public on the Strategy until August 12th.

Here’s a link to the Province’s engagement page, where you can read the Strategy. We’ve written a post about why we are profoundly disappointed with the Strategy, which we encourage you to read. 

You can also fill out the form at the bottom of this page to send your views to the government’s consultation. Please write your own content, rather than just copying in our points, because form letters have less weight with the government, and because incorporating your own personal experiences will add valuable insight to your submission.

UPDATE: This action tool has now been closed, following the public consultation deadline. 

Andrew Gage - Staff Lawyer