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West Coast has published three primary Smart Growth resources for municipalities, local governments and citizens.  All three publications are availabe online by clicking below:

  1. Case Smart Growth Cover.jpgThe Case for Smart Growth outlines what smart growth is and why it is of benefit to local governments. It goes beyond principles and provides economic and other data to prove that smart growth strategies work ­ how smart growth costs less for municipalities and developers, increases property values, creates safer streets, increases housing and transportation choices, and protects drinking water supplies.


  2. The Smart Bylaws Summary describes the basic elements of smart growth using case studies ranging from the regional and municipal scale to site and building scale. It provides an overview of the entire Guide, and links from within the chapters take readers to more detailed online tools. A glossary at the end provides definitions for the well-known and emerging terms associated with smart growth.

    Cover Working Landscape.jpg

  3. Protecting the Working Landscape of Agriculture: A Smart Growth Direction for Municipalities in BC is a guide for citizens and local government officials who want to protect and enhance the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) while planning for efficient urban growth. It outlines specific policies and bylaws that local officials can adopt to protect the ALR while achieving urban growth goals.

If you would like a printed copy of any of the above publications, please click here to email us a request.  Please indicate in your email which publication you are interested in.