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Victoria Baylis

Victoria Baylis
Summer Law Student

Victoria comes to West Coast Environmental Law with a keen interest in fostering sustainable food systems. Her main concerns encompass a lack of food security, the need for a greater emphasis on local and Indigenous perspectives on food production and harvesting, and the promotion of greater corporate responsibility. She hopes to help develop a legal system that will align with these ambitions. Victoria is also an active member of the Canadian Association for Food Law and Policy, working closely with leading legal academics and practitioners to address food policy concerns.

Victoria completed her undergraduate degree with a BSc. in Biology from the University of British Columbia, through which she developed a strong connection to the West coast, having travelled from Montreal for her studies. She has now completed the second year of her JD degree at the Peter A. Allard School of Law, where she has acted as the Vice-President of UBC’s Animal Justice Chapter. Victoria has also worked extensively as a clinician with the Law Students’ Legal Advice Program, helping to serve underprivileged clients. After experiencing the impact that she could have on an individual level, Victoria would like to approach the larger narrative around environmental law and contribute to stronger environmental protections.

When she’s not working, Victoria enjoys spending time with horses and developing plant-based recipes. She seizes every opportunity to travel and loves discovering new parts of the world.