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Stronger Laws for Marine Mammals

Canada has no shortage of legal tools to protect marine mammals: marine protected areas (MPAs), species protection, and regulations for marine mammal viewing.

Author: Linda Nowlan, Maryann Watson
Publication Date: April 2019

Bill C-48, the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act, is about protecting a remote an ecologically important place from the introduction of a risk that does not currently exist there, namely the introduction of bulk crude oil tanker traffic.

Author: Gavin Smith
Publication Date: April 2019
Pages: 12
Sustaining healthy fisheries, waters and economies: Bill C-68

This joint submission to the Senate Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans regarding Bill C-68 had contributions from West Coast Environmental Law and reflects the views of a group of twenty-three (23) conservation and environmental organizations who have been working together on Fisherie

Author: Multiple authors
Publication Date: March 2019
Pages: 12

In 2017, the federal government introduced amendments to the Oceans Act in Bill C-55.

Author: Linda Nowlan, WCEL, Susanna Fuller, Oceans North, Sigrid Kuehnemund, WWF-Canada
Publication Date: February 2019
Pages: 8

In late October 2018, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans launched a brief study for Motion 154: Situation of Endangered Whales.

Author: Maryann Watson, Marine Scientist, Linda Nowlan, Staff Lawyer
Publication Date: November 2018
Pages: 13
Stress-Free Seas

Marine protected areas (MPAs) are tools to reduce and relieve stress imposed on marine life by human activities, known by scientists as “stressors”.

Author: West Coast Environmental Law Association
Publication Date: July 2018
Pages: 26

In the 1970s, Canada introduced a moratorium on offshore oil and gas activity to protect marine ecosystems on the Pacific coast, and in 2016 a similar moratorium was introduced to protect Arctic waters.

Author: Linda Nowlan, Maryann Watson, Stephanie Hewson
Publication Date: July 2018
Pages: 1

Written by a collaboration of Canada’s leading ocean scientists, Indigenous leaders, environmental groups, artists and communicators, Beyond 2020: Open Letter on Ocean Priorities for the Canadian Government outlines 5 areas of focus and actions they hope to see taken to reach their vision.

Author: Multiple Authors
Publication Date: June 2018
Pages: 7

In Canada, nearly 90 per cent of plastics end up incinerated, or in our landfills, lakes, parks and oceans. Once in the environment, they contaminate ecosystems, kill wildlife, and leach toxic chemicals. It’s time for Canada to deal with its plastic production, waste, and pollution problem. It’s time for government action.

Author: Multiple Authors
Publication Date: June 2018
Pages: 4

Human activities like fishing, shipping and oil exploration increasingly put pressure on our oceans and marine life.

Author: West Coast Environmental Law
Publication Date: May 2018
Pages: 1