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Ocean Law Guide - Cover Image (aerial of ocean wildlife/herring spawn)

Are you concerned about the health of your local shoreline, and wondering what your government(s) can do to help? Curious about the complex web of laws, policies and regulations governing the BC coast and ocean?

Author: Stephanie Hewson, Linda Nowlan, Georgia Lloyd-Smith, Deborah Carlson & Michael Bissonnette
Publication Date: December 2020
Pages: 324

This report reviews the trends, changes, and projections which have been studied in British Columbia’s coastal habitats and species, with a focus on those under provincial

Author: Maryann Watson
Publication Date: November 2020
Pages: 81
Blueprint for restoring ecological governance to the Lower Fraser River cover

The Lower Fraser River and its estuary host a remarkable diversity of species within a globally important ecosystem, including its role as one of the greatest salmon bearing rivers in the world.

Author: Multiple Authors
Publication Date: October 2020
Pages: 10