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Richard Manwaring, Project Manager, Results Based Code Pilot Projects Ministry of Forests,

Dear Mr. Manwaring:

Author: Gage, Andrew
Publication Date: March 2001
Pages: 3

The past decade has been a time of significant change for forestry and land use in British Columbia.

Author: Haddock, Mark; Brewster, Laurel; Clogg, Jessica; Gage, Andrew
Publication Date: March 2001
Pages: 240

Since 1974, West Coast Environmental Law (WCEL) has provided legal services to members of the public concerned about harm to the environment.

Author: Nowlan, Linda; Rolfe, Christopher
Publication Date: February 2001
Pages: 28

The following review of the Bulkley Results-Based Forest Practices Code Pilot Project (the "Pilot Project") was prepared on behalf of the Forest Caucus of the BC Environmental Network by Andrew Gage, Barrister & Solicitor.

Author: Gage, Andrew
Publication Date: January 2001
Pages: 13