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Global Opportunities

Carbon majors

Communities around the world are increasingly asking how the fossil fuel industry can be called to account for their role in causing climate change.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Philippines – The Human Rights Commission of the Philippines is currently investigating a complaint brought by Filipinos arguing that climate change caused in part by 47 private fossil fuel companies has violated their rights.
  • United States – Several U.S. State Attorney Generals have been working to hold Exxon Mobil accountable for misleading its shareholders and the public on climate risks for decades (The “Exxon Knew” campaign). Meanwhile, climate activists have been busy documenting the efforts of a range of fossil fuel companies to suppress climate science.
  • Germany/Peru – A Peruvian farmer, Saul Luciano, supported by GermanWatch, has sued the German coal company RWE for its fair share of the costs of draining a lake that threatens to flood his village as a result of glacial melting.

We believe that this is a conversation whose time has come. As climate impacts accelerate, more and more communities around the world will be demanding accountability from fossil fuel companies.