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Welcome to the World's 2nd Twitter Moot (#Twtmoot)

“A moot is a legal debate in a courtroom setting ... [T]eams of counsel attempt to persuade a judge of the strength of their case by reference to legal authority.” – University of Aberdeen’s A Guide to Mooting

“Basically it’s a make-believe court for lawyers and law students. … We’re taking the moot out of the court room and onto Twitter to start a national conversation about how the law protects our atmosphere, 140 characters at a time.” – The Story of #Twtmoot.

On November 20th 2012 at 10am PST (1pm EST), students from law schools across Canada argued about whether or not you (and everyone else) have a right to a healthy global atmosphere in the world’s second ever Twitter Moot.  Congratulations to Pippa Feinstein and Samuel Harrison of the University of Alberta for winning the 2nd Twitter Moot! 

Find out more about the Twitter Moot:

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