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Who said what about our Twitter Moot?

As we gear up for the world’s third ever Twitter Moot, we have big shoes to fill: the first ever Twitter Moot was trending #1 in Canada, and generated considerable mainstream media and Twitter attention.  Here’s a sampling of some of the coverage from the first and second Twitter Moots:

Official law school webpages about the Twitter Moot:

Osgoode Hall Law School Twitter Moot Page

University of Alberta - University of Alberta Law Students win world's 2nd Twitter Moot

Some of the Blog and Media coverage of our Twitter Moot:

“West Coast Environmental Law held a second virtual moot Nov. 20 after the world’s first-ever Twitter moot on Feb. 21 proved so successful. … Sticking with the environmental theme, the issue up for debate this time was whether there is a public right to a healthy global atmosphere.” – Canadian Lawyer Magazine, 21 November 2012.

"If you've ever sat through a long-winded court case, you'll know a legal brief is anything but brief. And so the prospect of a case being argued in 140-character submissions on Twitter has the legal community - well - all atwitter." - Vancouver Sun, 17 February 2012

"Lawyers have a reputation for being a bit verbose, but that’s understandable: they work in a world of complex legalese, teasing out terminologies to persuade discerning judges and juries of their arguments’ worth. Now, imagine doing that 140 characters at a time. That’s what will be attempted next week in the world’s first ever Twitter moot." - Dalhousie News, 16 February 2012

"Lorne Sossin, the dean of Osgoode Hall Law School and an avid tweeter (@DeanSossin), said it’s a great way to focus legal arguments and ideas, adding the event is being billed as the world’s first Twitter moot court. 'This is a novel and timely initiative,' said Sossin. 'Good luck to the mooters, especially Team Osgoode — we’ll be following this ground breaking moot with great interest.'" - Toronto Sun, 16 February 2012

“I have to say this is kinda amazing. An environmental law argued over Twitter. Even if it is simply a simulation, I'm excited about the possibilities this has for showing how real debates can be held in such a unique platform without spiraling into flame wars. I love seeing technology and social media used in creative ways like this!”-, 15 December 2011

“This is an interesting way to blend social media, law and legal arguments in front of a global audience... in 140 characters or less. Will you be watching?” – Samantha Collier, Social Media for Lawyers, 25 January 2012

On Twitter (a quick sampling from the several hundred Twitter Moot related Tweets to date):

lawsocietyofbc RT @ubclaw: Canadian law students make legal and social media history in the world's first ever Twitter Moot, this Tuesday #twtmoot:...

For the moot to be so influential that courts are rendered...moot. Imagine the waterpark that could replace Vancity Courthouse!

osgoodealumni RT : Congratulations to West Coast Enviro. Law on first twitter moot, , , # - Go # mooters!

mvs_13 #twtmoot Past Gale mooter. Very interested to see how it goes. I will be watching!

Grant Sicknessgrantennae Grant Sickness: @WCELaw is having a Tweetmoot! #twtmoot Follow them to find out more. Go UBC! #ubclaw


Liz Harrisallocatur Liz Harris: Brevity is the source of wit - tested by twitter moot @samtaracollier: Will You Watch the World's First Twitter Moot?

Survive Lawsurvivelaw Survive Law: The world's first Twitter moot is coming. It's not a moot about Twitter, it's a moot via Twitter. Amazing! #twtmoot

#LegalChatLegalChatter #LegalChat: ok so was interested about this post on a Twitter moot - thoughts? #twtmoot #legalchat

G-LouiseAdvocatusAP G-Louise: @samtaracollier A Twitter Moot sounds amazing!! Do you think they would mind if we did a UK twitmoot? :)


D.R. Nevergiveup615nevergiveup D.R. Nevergiveup:  Yes, the revolution WILL be twitterized! via @TreeHugger #environmentallaw

Leah Mack LLJMack Leah Mack: Intrigued - Legal argument in 140 chars or <? @WCELaw hosts world's 1st ever #Twitter Moot: #twtmoot #envlaw #law