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Team from U of Alberta

Team U of Alberta in Twitter Moot 2014 is Kim Hyok and Matthew Mowbrey from the University of Alberta Law School in Edmonton, Alberta (click here to google map it). 

Kim Hyok (@KimsterHy) - "3L, spec aboriginal, done s.35 defense, and fid law w/ resp. to aboriginals.  Avid runner except around open pit mines in Yknife."



Matthew Mowbrey (@AlphaFlag) - "MBA/JD, mining research proj/conf. across NA, politic and economic theorist.  Red Dress Project. Owned Catering Company: AB BBQ Co."


Team U of Alberta is representing the Government of the Yukon.  The Government of the Yukon, who will continue to argue that the Yukon Quartz Mining Act is constitutionally valid and provides for sufficient consultation, to the extent any is required, of the Ross River Dena Council.

[Update - February 21 - Click here to read Team U of Alberta's factum - a description of the legal submissions that it will be making on behalf of the Government of the Yukon in the Twitter Moot 2014.  In addition, Team U of Alberta may be making reference to the following photos in their written or tweeted argument:

Finally, Team U of Alberta suggests that this web-page may provide useful background reading related to the Twitter Moot and the position of the Government of the Yukon].

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