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Team Schulich Law

Team Dalhousie in Twitter Moot 2014 is Melanie Gillis and Sarah Walsh from Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia (click here to Google Map it).

Melanie Gillis (@MelBGillis) – “I am a 1L at Dalhousie, born and raised in NS. Growing up by the ocean cultivated my passions for both sustainability and environmental law.”



Sarah Walsh (@SarahAnica) - "East coast born and raised, Schulich School of Law is my new home as a 1L. My interest in the environment is not only in law, but philosophy and science as well."



Team Dalhousie will represent Miningwatch Canada, an intervenor in the appeal.  MiningWatch Canada exists to “Chang[e] public policy and mining practices to ensure the health of individuals, communities and ecosystems.”  MiningWatch Canada will be intervening in support of the Ross River Dena Council and the Court of Appeal decision, with an aim to highlighting the broader environmental, public health and other concerns of the free entry system.

[Update - February 21 - Click here to read Team Dalhousie's factum - a description of the legal submissions that it will be making on behalf of MiningWatch Canada in the Twitter Moot 2014]. 

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