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West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation


Taking Climate Justice Into Our Own Hands

[December 2015]

This report, co-released by West Coast Environmental Law and the Vanuatu Environmental Law Association, explains how well-established principles of private international law could allow the courts and governments of individual countries to take action against fossil fuel polluters.


Regional Strategic Environmental Assessment for Northern British Columbia: The Case and the Opportunity

[May 2016]

Along with our colleagues from the Northwest Institute for Bioregional Research, West Coast travelled to communities across the north of BC to talk to residents about cumulative effects and proposals for liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other industrial projects. This report provides an overview of the messages heard during these community dialogue sessions, and makes the case for the use of regional strategic environmental assessment (RSEA) in northern BC to manage cumulative effects and ensure better decision-making for the environment and communities.

West Coast Environmental Law Association

Canada’s Track Record on Environmental Laws: 2011-2015

[October 2015]

Our analysis of relevant Canadian federal legislative changes since 2011 revealed a systemic dismantling of Canada’s environmental laws. Beginning around 2012, the federal government weakened or repealed many of Canada’s oldest and most important environmental laws at industry’s request, putting Canada’s environment, communities and democracy at risk. This report, released by West Coast Environmental Law Association and Centre Québécois du Droit de l’Environnement, summarizes some of the key changes to federal environmental laws from 2012-2015 and explains how the impacts of those changes have been felt on the ground.


A Carbon Budget for Canada: A Collaborative Framework for Federal and Provincial Climate Leadership

[December 2015]

A Carbon Budget for Canada explains how budgets and other best financial management practices provide a model for national leadership on climate change. The report also calls for a national scientific committee to advise both levels of government on what needs to be done to fight climate change in Canada. 

(This report was produced jointly with the West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation)


Keeping our Coast Clean: Frequently asked questions about an oil tanker ban on BC’s Pacific North Coast

[January 2016]

In November 2015, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau publicly gave Ministers in his Cabinet a mandate to formalize an oil tanker moratorium on the north coast of British Columbia. West Coast Environmental Law Association has been an outspoken advocate for a legislated oil tanker prohibition on the Pacific north coast for many years, and we have been getting a lot of questions about this issue and its possible implications. This backgrounder addresses many of the frequently asked questions.


Scaling up the Fisheries Act: Restoring lost protections and incorporating modern safeguards

[March 2016]

The Fisheries Act is the key federal law for fish habitat protection, one of the key laws for marine biodiversity, and an essential part of Canada’s environmental safety net. But many essential protections have been eliminated from the legislation, and must be restored to improve fish and fish habitat protection throughout Canada. This brief makes preliminary recommendations for achieving the two categories of reform of the federal Fisheries Act that the Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard was tasked with in his 2015 Mandate letter: restoring lost protections and incorporating modern safeguards.