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West Coast wins award for Climate Change Adaptation guide

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Is your community ready for the new normal of a changing climate? Recent flooding in Calgary and Toronto brings home our vulnerability to shifting weather patterns. For the past several years West Coast Environmental Law has been working with BC communities to understand how they can be both sustainable and resilient to climate change impacts. Preparing for Climate Change: An Implementation Guide for Local Governments in British Columbia, which we developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, has just won a 2013 Award for Excellence in Planning from the Planning Institute of BC. Research and practice from BC and around the world is showing that green infrastructure and natural ecosystems can help to buffer urban development from higher temperatures, increased precipitation and rising sea levels. Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions remains critical to avoid a worst-case climate change scenario, but, as illustrated in the Guide, designing our urban areas to respect their relationship with nature can help us be prepared for the future. Download the Guide for free, and find out more.