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Emerging Solutions Video Coverage

West Coast Environmental Law video tapped Emerging Solutions for Clean, Green Power Dialogue. Since the whole Dialogue, with questions, was about 3 hours, we’ve uploaded some of the highlights of the evening. 5 videos are available below:

Introduction – Jessica Clogg, Executive Director of West Coast Environmental Law, introduces the Emerging Solutions Dialogue and touches on some of the issues to be discussed.


Summary of Emerging Solutions – Josh Paterson, staff lawyer with West Coast Environmental Law, summarizes the recommendations made by 4 environmental groups, and signed onto by ___ other groups, about how to regulate independent power projects to ensure that environmental and public values are protected while allowing for the generation of renewable energy.

Response to the Emerging Solutions
– Bob Gibson, Professor, University of Waterloo, responds to the recommendations, as set out by Josh, summarizing principles of how environmental decisions should be made and how those apply to the independent power industry in British Columbia.

Response to the Emerging Solutions
– Mark Jaccard, Professor, Simon Fraser University, responds to the recommendations, cautioning against putting barriers in place against renewable power generation.

Excerpts from the Dialogue
– Dialogue participants explore issues raised by the Recommendations and the regulation of IPPs, including discussing the need for power generation, the importance of energy conservation, the urgency of responding to climate change and other related issues.