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People of West Coast

West Coast Staff 2015-2016
Back row (left to right): Eugene Kung, Hannah Askew, Lucy Hough, Gavin Smith, Georgia Lloyd-Smith, Andrew Gage, Ceciline Goh, Barb Everdene, Jessica Clogg, Maxine Hayman Matilpi
Front row (left to right): Mindy Cleave, Lindsay Borrows, Anjali Appadurai, Alexis Stoymenoff
Absent: Deborah Carlson, Linda Nowlan, Anna Johnston, Jennifer King, Grace Chen

2015-2016 Law Students and Legal Volunteers

Brianna Meyer
Alexander Kirby
Monisha Sebastian
Sina Kazemi
Kirsten Brokop
Julian Tennent-Riddell
Guy Lewis
Thomas Beverley
Craig Empson
Mark Ebert
Jordan Adam
Cassie Richards
Lucas Jewitt
Ivan Skafar
Duncan Farthing-Nicol

2015-2016 EDRF Lawyers

Each year, we have the pleasure of working with a network of passionate, talented lawyers who represent clients all over British Columbia through the Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund (EDRF). These knowledgeable professionals work for partial pro-bono fees, on behalf of dedicated individuals and communities who step up to challenge environmental injustices and protect the places they care about. West Coast would like to acknowledge the following lawyers who worked on EDRF cases in 2015-2016:

Alan Hanna

Holly Vear

Mark Walton

Alanna McKenzie

James Patterson

Mary Macauley

Angela McCue

James Tate

Matthew Nefstead

Bill Andrews

Jeff Jones

Michael Ng

Catherine George

John Cliffe

Nathan Hume

Cheryl Tobias

John Gailus

Neil Chantler

Darwin Hannah

Judah Harrison

Patrick Canning

David Perry

Larry Reynolds

Rebeka Breder

Emma Hume

Lilina Lysenko

Richard Overstall

Ethan Krindle

Lisa Fong

Sean Hern

Grace Jackson

Marianne Foucault

Tim Howard