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The Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund

Legal help for British Columbians protecting their local environment

“When … you’re willing to work like dogs to make something happen, and then somebody comes along and says … we’ll be with you along the journey’, that whole process was very helpful. The EDRF was a solid companion along the way.” – WA:TER

For 25 years, the Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund (EDRF) provided funding to British Columbians who are organizing to protect their communities and their natural environment – but need to some legal help. Funds from the EDRF allow citizen’s groups to hire lawyers in their own community to work collaboratively with them.

Every year the EDRF distributes over $100,000.00 in grants to individuals, community groups, and non-profit organizations across the province of British Columbia.  These funds are available thanks to the generosity of the Law Foundation of British Columbia. 

If you need to talk to a lawyer about a BC-focused environmental law problem, and are not certain if you need to apply to the EDRF, start by e-mailing us at beverdene@wcel.org or calling us from anywhere in BC at 1-800-330-9235.