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Multi-Family Flex Units

New zoning for the mixed-use development called UniverCity in Burnaby at Simon Fraser University allows suites in strata townhouses or apartments. These “multi-family flex units” are minimum 74 square metre (796.5 square feet) dwellings containing a defined area for potential rental accommodation. The potential rental must be at least 24 square metres (258.3 square feet) and not more than 35 percent of the gross floor area of the dwelling. The suite must:

  • contain a secondary kitchen area with a compact range or microwave oven and built-in cook top, compact refrigerator, sink, counter, cabinets and venting;
  • have at least one closet and bathroom with a toilet, sink and bathtub or shower;
  • be wired for an independent telephone connection prior to occupancy; and
  • have a separate lockable entrance door providing direct access to the exterior of the dwelling unit.

Not less than ten and not more than 50 percent of units in a multi-family dwelling shall be flex units, and the dwelling must provide a common washing machine and dryer for every 20, or part thereof, multi-family flex units. If the unit is available for rent it must be registered with the student housing registry at the University.

Burnaby Zoning Bylaw No. 4742 (Consolidated to May 12, 2003) – see Section 3 Definitions and Schedule VIII – Off-Street Parking

Simon Fraser University Official Community Plan

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