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Law Reform for Nature, Climate and Communities Dialogue Participants

Moderator: Jessica Clogg, Executive Director and Senior Counsel, West Coast Environmental Law
Jessica Clogg is West Coast’s Executive Director and Senior Counsel, and leads the organization’s work on Aboriginal and natural resource law.
Dr. Bill Bourgeois, RPF, President, New Direction Resource Management Ltd.
Dr. Bill Bourgeois has been a soil surveyor for the BC government, a terrain analyst, land use planner  and research supervisor and a General Manager for a woodlands services division for MacMillan Bloedel, a Vice President for forest companies (Lignum Ltd, Riverside Forest Products) and an Associate with the Commission on Resources and Environment. Bill now consults through his own company New Direction Resource Management Ltd on natural resources sustainability issues.
Dirk Brinkman, CEO, Brinkman Forest Restoration Ltd.
Dirk Brinkman, founder and CEO of the Brinkman Earth Systems Group of Companies, operational in seven countries, planted over a billion trees and restored all kinds of ecosystems from intertidal to high alpine. Dirk is a driving force in Canada's reforestation industry, was the champion for ecosystem-based management in the last National Forest Strategy, and is an advocate for forest conservation and REDD+, (Technical Advisor to PNG and Coalition of Rainforest Nations in COP 16 and advisor to Living Carbon Investments of the Land Trust Alliance of BC). He continues to actively drive sustainability into provincial, national and international forest policy and resource issues in Canada and other countries.
Deborah Carlson, Staff Counsel, West Coast Environmental Law
Deborah Carlson is staff counsel with West Coast Environmental Law, Green Communities and Climate Change projects. She is currently working on legal tools to assist climate change adaptation at the local level, and to advance legal reforms to protect nature in light of climate change.
Deborah Good; Chief Siidok, Gitanyow Hereditary Chiefs
The Gitanyow have pursued a strategy grounded in their own laws to implement a land use plan, improve socio-cultural and economic well-being, and advance certainty for all in their territories, including exploring new revenue streams from carbon financing.
Dr. Richard Hebda, Curator, Botany and Earth History, Royal BC Museum
Richard Hebda has been a Curator (Botany and Earth History) at the Royal British Columbia Museum for more than 30 years and an adjunct faculty member at the University of Victoria for more than 26 years.  His research  interests  include vegetation and climate history of British Columbia, Ethnobotany of BC First Nations, climate change and its impacts, and the restoration of natural systems.  He has (co) authored many scientific papers and popular articles,   as well as several books and major reports. He appears often on TV and radio, in newspaper interviews, and speaks to a wide range of public audiences.
Ben Parfitt, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Ben has been on staff at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives for four years as its resource policy analyst. Ben is a long-time writer on BC’s bountiful natural resources and the huge challenges involved in managing them in environmentally and socially responsible ways.
Dr. Suzanne W. Simard, RPF, Professor, Department of Forest Sciences, UBC
Dr. Simard’s research addresses disturbance, forest management and climate change effects on the complexity and stability of forest ecosystems.  Some of her current research investigates interactions between climate change and forest management and their effects on the structure and function of forest ecosystems, including their capacity to regenerate, potential for decline or migration, the interactions that occur between trees and soil microbes, and the processes of carbon cycling.
Jessica Verhagen, Director, Business Development, and Lead Negotiator in the Western Climate Initiative, Climate Action Secretariat, Ministry of the Environment, Government of BC
Jessica Verhagen is the Director of Business Development with the Climate Action Secretariat. She is a Lead Negotiator in the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) under Tim Lesiuk, BC’s chief negotiator for the WCI. 
Jens Wieting, Forests Campaigner, Sierra Club BC
As Sierra Club BC’s Coastal Forest Campaigner Jens works closely with other environmental organizations, the Province, First Nations and forestry companies to fully implement a model for healthy ecosystems and healthy communities in the Great Bear Rainforest. Together with Sierra Club’s mapping department he is also developing analysis and recommendations for enhanced protection of species and carbon storage of BC’s coastal rainforest (most recently the January 2011 report “Restoring the Balance for Climate and Species”).