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Law Reform Advocacy

West Coast Environmental Law Association advocates for strong federal and provincial environmental laws, and strives to involve individuals and communities in law reform efforts.

Environmental Laws Matter

Our Save Canada’s Environmental Laws campaign (www.envirolawsmatter.ca) is dedicated to helping individuals and communities undo the damage that occurred in 2012, when many of Canada’s foundational environmental laws were dramatically weakened or repealed. Through legal education and outreach, and by offering a platform for concerned citizens to communicate with decision-makers about the importance of environmental laws, we are providing Canadians with the information, tools and support needed to speak out for the environment and democracy.

Protecting the coast from oil tankers

For decades, West Coast Environmental Law Association has been involved in efforts to secure a comprehensive, legislated ban on oil tankers on the Pacific north coast. Our legal analysis, educational tools and public engagement activities are helping to ensure the federal government passes a law that keeps BC’s sensitive and biodiverse northern waters and the territories of Coastal First Nations free of oil tankers.

Our Law Reform Advocacy work is funded by the West Coast Environmental Law Association.