Grant Conditions

At the EDRF, we recognize that our grant recipients are normal people with commitments to their jobs and families. We know that the idea of taking on the management of a legal environmental project can be daunting, particularly when juggling the demands of a busy lifestyle.

With that recognition in mind, we aim to make the management of an EDRF grant as easy as possible, allowing you to focus on the resolution of your dispute. If you are awarded funding from the EDRF, we expect the following as conditions of your grant:

  • Regular Reporting: We will require periodic updates of the progress of your file. We will expect a written report every 3-6 months. The report need not be extensive – simply summarize progress to date.
  • Repayment if you’re repaid: The fund exists to help people who can’t afford legal help. If, as a result of our grant, you receive financial compensation or an award intended to cover your legal costs you will generally be required to repay the fund up to the amount of the grant.
  • Timely Payment of Invoices: As the client, you will receive the invoices for worked performed by your lawyer. It will be your responsibility to approve payment of the invoice and ensure that we have a copy for our records. When you have approved an invoice, then we will begin to process the payment.
  • Keep Track of Expenditures on your File: It is your responsibility to monitor the balance of your grant. If your grant balance is getting low and there is still work to be completed on the file, then it will be your responsibility to apply for a Supplemental Grant. Any expenditures over the total amount of your grant may be your responsibility. The EDRF does not generally fund retroactive expenditures or cost over runs.
  • Provide the EDRF With Copies of Documents Pertaining to Your File: We require that you send us a copy of the project deliverable that will be outlined in your grant approval documents. In addition, we ask that you send us any relevant legal documents, filings, media, or materials produced on your behalf.
  • Inform Us of Any Change in Lawyer or Expert: You must inform us if you change lawyers or scientific experts. The EDRF must approve your choice of a new lawyer or scientific expert before they begin to work on your file.