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About the Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund

For 25 years the Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund (EDRF) has supported community groups – from hunting and fishing groups to ratepayers associations to First Nations – in getting legal help to defend the health of their environment and build a more sustainable British Columbia.  (For information on what we grant, see our Applying from the EDRF page). 

The EDRF is a project of West Coast Environmental Law Association – one of Canada’s oldest public interest law organizations. Funding for the EDRF comes from the Law Foundation of British Columbia. 

The EDRF is administered by the EDRF Management, a committee of the Board of the West Coast Environmental Law Association, which meets four times a year.  In addition, the Committee is assisted by Andrew Gage, EDRF Liaison Lawyer, and Barbara Everdene, EDRF Project Administrator.

Barbara Everdene - Project Manager - Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund

Barb is the Project Manager for the Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund.  Barb works with individuals, communities and environmental groups to develop legal strategies to protect the environment in BC.

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Erica Stahl - Staff Counsel and EDRF Liaison Lawyer

Erica joined West Coast in 2016 to oversee the administration of the Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund (EDRF) and West Coast’s summary advice program. Through the EDRF and summary advice programs, Erica provides free legal advice and assistance to members of the public on a wide range of environmental legal issues.

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