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Competing in the Twitter Moot

“Who knew making history could be so fun” – @MatthewKalkman, law student participant in 1st Moot

[Update - December 6, 2013: Auditions closed on December 6th.  9 teams including students from 7 law schools auditioned, and 5 were selected by the judges.  Click here for more information on the teams selected for Twitter Moot 2014!]

Auditions are now open for teams for Twitter Moot 2014 - to be held on February 28th, 2014.  Each team must consist of two undergraduate law students from any Canadian law school.  Great social media exposure, a chance to participate in a (fun) ground breaking event or to promote discussion about climate change, or the cash prize of $500 for the winning team?  What’s your reason to compete?

How to apply?

On or before Friday, December 6th two students from a Canadian law school may apply by:

  • Emailing us at agage@wcel.org with their names, email addresses, law school, Twitter usernames, and 140-character (or less) biographies; AND
  • Both team mates tweeting 2 tweets each with the hashtag #twtmoot about the #twtmoot and why they want, or should be selected, to compete. 

We’ll run your tweets by the judges and will invite 5 teams to compete.  We do not expect to invite more than one team per law school, and at least one of the teams will be from BC (due to our organization being based in BC, but since we expect to have 5 teams competing, that still leaves up to 4 slots for everyone else). 

If you’re invited to compete, we’ll also need photos (or a team photo), and will be in touch to discuss publicizing your team’s involvement. 

What last years’ students said about why to participate

If you’re still looking for a reason to participate, here’s what competitors in the first and second Twitter Moots have said:

“I think [the Twtmoot] legitimately helps to get people talking about important issues that otherwise might remain within the legal community.  … Producing a cogent argument (as was necessary for the factum) with a partner is a great way to learn the law.” 

“I think you should definitely do a twitter moot again as it was a wonderful experience, and I feel it will only gain momentum as you continue to put them on.  …I would definitely recommend that other students participate, especially those interested in the environmental/aboriginal rights areas of law, and those who want to work on their social media presence.  I went from being a twitter non-entity to a twitter fan.”

“Thank you for organizing such an amazing event! I hope this takes off and I hope it has generated enough buzz for WCEL! If I can help with anything else in the future re: the moots - let me know - we really, really enjoyed it.”

“I think you should definitely do a twitter moot again, it was really fun and interesting to participate in. A lot of my friends in law school were following us, which is so different than a regular moot! Also as I'm sure you know, it brings a lot of attention to the case being mooted. Certainly an excellent platform to bring public attention to important social and environmental issues.”