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We are honoured by the long-standing and diverse partnerships with our supporters from across Canada and the United States.

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childrenshovels.jpgMyth: It’s impossible for an individual person to make a difference.

Accountability and Security

West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation is respected and trusted across British Columbia as BC’s legal champion for the environment.

We do not accept government grants so that we can advocate on behalf of British Columbians for effective environmental policies and laws and not be bound by government interests.

We protect your identity and privacy. We do not trade, rent or otherwise share any donor information of any kind, including e-mail addresses. And should you choose, we make it easy for you to opt out of any future communication from us.

Stocks or Securities

birdblue.jpgGifts of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) enable you to make a big difference to ensuring that environmental protection is enshrined in law; at the same time, you will realize great tax savings.

Legacy Giving

childrenstrawberries.jpgHere for generations — past, present and future

Please remember West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation in your will and trusts.

Your will gives you an opportunity to bequeath a healthier environment to future generations. If you remember West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation in your will, you will be helping to protect the environment through law for generations to come.

Tribute and Memorial


Tribute Gifts

Make a gift on behalf of someone special, or in celebration of a special occasion, or in memory of a family member, friend or colleague.

In Honour and Celebration Gifts

Leadership Giving Circle

binoculars.jpgMembers of the West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation Leadership Giving Circle are supporters who demonstrate their commitment to the environment by protecting it through the law.

Monthly Giving

beachsunset.jpgWest Coast Protectors

As a West Coast Protector your monthly donation provides sustainable, reliable funding, increasing West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation’s capacity to bring British Columbia closer to realizing our vision of environmental protection enshrined in law.

Ways to Donate


Thank you for donating to West Coast Environmental Law Research Foundation.  Please choose the type of donation that you would like to make.

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