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Weakening BC’s environmental laws risks eroding social licence for Government’s Cleanest LNG goals

17 June, 2014

Several of the most contentious changes to environmental laws passed during the 2014 spring session of the BC Legislature seem to have been developed, and pushed through, in a mad rush and without adequate public consultation. The goal of these laws seems, at least in part, to be to remove perceived environmental constraints on certain types of development – notably natural gas exploration, development and export. Such laws erode environmental legal safeguards, and in turn reduce public confidence in BC’s environmental safety net. This will ultimately hurt the government’s desire to push through quick LNG development. 

Poll after poll say that British Columbians favour strong environmental laws – laws that don’t trade our environment off against short-term economic gains. As a result, when governments try to weaken environmental laws in the name of growth, it often backfires, with development proposals losing the social licence that they need, and becoming caught up in public controversy.

Tell the BC government: Hands off our food security!

31 March, 2014

The BC government has proposed changes to the Agricultural Land Commission Act that put our food security seriously at risk. If passed, these changes would significantly weaken agricultural land protection for the majority of BC's farmlands.

Tell the BC government that BC's farmlands need more, not less, legal protection. Send a letter urging decision-makers to not bring into effect these dangerous changes to our laws protecting agricultural lands!

[Update 30 May 2014 - The BC government passed Bill 24 yesterday (May 29th), after forcing closure.  Thank you so much to everyone who wrote - either using our action form or on your own - to tell the government that this Bill did not protect agricultural land.  We have removed the Action form at the end of this post.  For more information on why Bill 24 does not protect Agricultural Land read our alert: Why amendments to Bill 24 d

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