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Brenda Belak - Staff Counsel

Brenda joined West Coast in September 2012 to work on our Tar Sands, Tankers and Pipelines campaigns.

Brenda believes strongly that an important part of the path to sustainability is building the capacity of local communities, to empower them to act on decisions that affect them. Before becoming a lawyer, she worked for more than 12 years with non-government organizations, first in Southeast Asia and then in Vancouver. She collaborated with indigenous groups and displaced communities from Burma (Myanmar) to document environmental abuses and human rights violations and to publicize how armed conflict has been used to advance the development of large-scale resource extraction projects like Unocal’s Yadana pipeline. She also worked closely with women’s groups, and has researched and written extensively on gender issues and the UN Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women. She has served as a consultant to the International Labour Organization and other UN agencies. 

Brenda got her law degree at UBC in 2008. She clerked at the BC Supreme Court and was called to the BC Bar in 2010, then practiced Aboriginal law at Ratcliff & Company.

Brenda is passionate about protecting the environment of this beautiful province that we share and spends as much time as she can outdoors.