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Access to Justice


Forest Stream (Mike Ambach)

At West Coast, we believe that making an impact means providing the legal tools that communities and individuals need to defend the environment. Through our access to justice programs, we provide British Columbians with free legal advice and assistance – directly and through a network of environmental lawyers around the province – offer learning opportunities for law students, and share important information and analysis about matters affecting land, air, water and the climate.

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Legal Support for Nature and Communities

For people looking for legal solutions to environmental challenges, West Coast’s Environmental Legal Aid program provides a much-needed helping hand. We offer direct legal advice as well as funding to hire lawyers at a legal aid rate, putting the power of the law in the hands of ordinary British Columbians who want to protect the places they care about.

Your Environmental Law Watchdog

West Coast strives to provide Canadians with accessible information about the laws that affect our environment – and when or how those laws are changing. Our Environmental Law Alert program serves as your environmental law watchdog, providing easy-to-digest legal information and analysis on breaking environmental law stories. We also share our hard-hitting legal analysis with decision-makers at all levels of government, to let them know what we think about changes or proposals being made.

Investing in the Future of Environmental Law

Our Building the Environmental Law Bar program is helping to train tomorrow’s great public interest environmental lawyers – offering hands-on experience for law students and volunteers.


Our Access to Justice work is funded by the West Coast Environmental Law Association and the Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund Society