Hannah Askew - Staff Counsel

Hannah Askew is a part of West Coast Environmental Law’s Aboriginal and Natural Resources law team. She is passionate about working at the intersection of Indigenous law and environmental protection.

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Anjali Appadurai - Communications & Engagement Specialist

Activist and advocate for social and environmental justice, Anjali works to articulate West Coast's work, values and organizational story to a variety of audiences. She also supports the individual work of the West Coast legal counsel.

Deborah Carlson - Staff Counsel

Deborah is responsible for our Green Communities program. She’s committed to working collaboratively with communities in BC to develop legal tools and frameworks that support healthy, low-impact urban areas with vibrant connections to the natural environment, and strong citizen engagement.

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Jessica Clogg - Executive Director and Senior Counsel

Jessica Clogg is West Coast’s Executive Director and Senior Counsel and heads up our work on Aboriginal and natural resource law. Jessica first joined West Coast in 1995 as a student, and also served as a board member before becoming staff counsel in 1999. Jessica has said that she does the work she does “because she loves the land, and because she believes in justice.”

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Barbara Everdene - Project Manager - Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund

Barb is the Project Manager for the Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund.  Barb works with individuals, communities and environmental groups to develop legal strategies to protect the environment in BC.

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Andrew Gage - Staff Counsel and EDRF Liaison Lawyer

Andrew oversees the Climate Change and Environmental Legal Aid Programs and is lead author for the Environmental Law Alert blog. He enjoys playing the violin, gardening and sailing.

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Ceciline Goh - Office Administrator

Ceciline is the Office Administrator at West Coast Environmental Law. She is in charge of the organization’s bookkeeping and general administration. As West Coast’s longest serving employee Ceciline is also, unofficially, the organization’s Memory Keeper.

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Lucy Hough - Director of Development

Lucy was thrilled to join the team at West Coast in 2008 as Director of Development as she aligns closely with West Coast’s vision that environmental protection must be enshrined in law. Lucy is inspired by the supporters of West Coast and honoured to help them take action on their own passion for the environment and to make the world a better place through philanthropy.

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Anna Johnston - Staff Counsel

Anna’s work at West Coast focuses on developing and advancing law reform proposals and practical solutions related to environmental assessment law and federal environmental law rollbacks.

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Eugene Kung - Staff Counsel

Eugene joined West Coast Environmental Law in 2014 as part of the Aboriginal and Natural Resources Law team to work on Tar Sands, Tankers and Pipelines. He is passionate about human rights, social justice and environmental justice and strives to use the law as a tool for social change.

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Maxine Hayman Matilpi - Project Manager, RELAW Project

Maxine is the project manager for the RELAW Project (Revitalizing Indigenous Law for Land, Air and Water) and is enthusiastic about the possibilities of changing public discourse with Indigenous Legal Theories and about the possibilities for applying Indigenous laws to contemporary environmental problems and decision making.

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Linda Nowlan - Staff Counsel

Linda leads the Marine program at  West Coast . As an ocean lover, she is  excited to focus on legal tools to strengthen marine protection and implement marine plans using both Canadian and Indigenous law.

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Megan Rector - Donor Relations Officer

As our donor relations officer, Megan helps our donors find ways to act on their desire for strong environmental laws through philanthropy.  

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Gavin Smith - Staff Counsel

Gavin is a part of West Coast’s Aboriginal and natural resources law team. He is passionate about pushing for reform of the systems of environmental governance in British Columbia and Canada in order to manage our shared environmental heritage in a way that truly evaluates and responds to the cumulative effects of human development and accounts for the crucial role of Indigenous governance in that process.

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Alexis Stoymenoff - Senior Communications & Engagement Specialist

As our senior communications specialist, Alexis is focused on finding creative ways to engage individuals, organizations, media and other audiences around the important work happening at West Coast. She is responsible for planning and coordinating the various aspects of the organization’s communications, from media relations to online engagement.

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Visiting Lawyers, Summer Law Students, Pro Bono Law Students, and Legal Volunteers

Each year, West Coast Environmental Law welcomes a number of Summer Law Students, pro bono law students who volunteer during the school year, as well as legal volunteers and visiting lawyers who may already have completed law school and are practicing in Canada or in other countries. We also work with volunteers who contribute to West Coast's communications and development initiatives. They all make a valued contribution to our organization, and we're very grateful. 

Legal volunteer bios from previous years can be seen here.

Summer 2015

Adam Cembrowski - Summer law student, University of Alberta

Adam just finished his first year of law school at the University of Alberta. He has an MSc in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Toronto, where he studied an invasive ant species, and a BSc in Biology from the University of Alberta, where he worked on projects that dealt with urban biodiversity and urban carnivores. He is extremely excited about spending his summer at WCEL and using his scientific background in the work he is doing there. When not working on law-related matters, Adam likes to hike, go to concerts, and catch up on news about social insects.

Justine Desmond - Summer law student, University of Toronto

Justine just finished her first year of a joint law and public policy program at the University of Toronto. She completed her undergraduate degree in International Development, Geography and Environment at McGill University. While at McGill, Justine participated in field courses in East Africa and Barbados both focusing on human interactions with the environment. She observed that the backbone of successful environmental protection is a strong legal and policy framework that takes into account diverse perspectives. This became her primary fuel for seeking out a career in the field of environmental law, with a view to strengthening Canada’s legal framework. While at law school, Justine has worked with the David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights Bedford Working Group, researching the new prostitution legislation recently passed by the federal government, and with the International Human Rights Project Global Health Rights Working Group, contributing to an online database of right to health-related judgments. This summer is Justine'’s first time in Vancouver, and she is thrilled to be spending it as a part of the West Coast team.

 Zachary D'Onofrio - Summer law student, Osgoode Hall, York University

Zachary just completed his third of four years in Osgoode Hall’s joint Juris Doctor and Master of Environmental Studies program. He studied Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Studies and Italian Studies during his undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto. He completed a Master’s degree in Italian Linguistics at the University of Toronto before undertaking the JD/MES at Osgoode, where he presently serves as Co-Chair of the Environmental Law Society. He grew up in Southern Ontario, where a local controversy over the siting of wind turbines sparked his interest in environmental law. Zachary has studied international environmental law abroad in Italy and neotropical conservation in Costa Rica. He has worked for the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and for the University of Toronto Faculty of Forestry, and has volunteered at Ecojustice’s Toronto office. He fell in love with British Columbia while visiting the Hakai Institute on a University of Victoria field course, and is excited to be spending the summer in Vancouver with WCEL.

Rachel Gutman - Summer law student, University of Victoria

Rachel is in her second year at the University of Victoria Faculty of Law. She holds a Bachelor of Science (Land and Food Systems) from the University of British Columbia. Prior to law school, Rachel lived in Cusco, Peru, where she worked for a community-based research project aiming to better understand traditional agricultural knowledge in indigenous Quechua communities. Rachel decided to study law in order to learn how legal processes can be used to empower communities in the face of resource development. Outside of school and volunteering for WCEL, her hobbies include: skiing, hiking, and pretending to garden.

Ashley Thomas - Summer law student, University of Victoria

Ashley grew up in rural Ontario on the shores of Lake Simcoe. Her quiet upbringing instilled in her an appreciation of wildlife and an understanding of the fragility of ecosystems.  Her academic pursuits led her to complete a Master’s Degree at York University in Political Science, focusing on the relationship between Urban Aboriginal Policy and Indigenous Sovereignty in Canada. In 2013, Ashley moved to Victoria, BC and quickly made a home for herself. She has just finished her first year at UVic Law and is excited to spend the Summer working at West Coast on projects that combine her interest in law with her passion for the environment.

Lucy Yuan - Summer law student, University of British Columbia

Lucy joins West Coast Environmental Law as a 2L from the University of British Columbia. Prior to law school, she got her B.Sc. in Chemistry, focusing on inorganic chemistry and its applications to biodegradable plastics. That, like many of her other academic and non-academic pursuits, stems from a lifelong passion for nature and sustainability. She grew up in Sweden and Alberta but is now proud to call Vancouver home, because here she can do everything she enjoys: walks on the beach, camping, watching hockey, exploring different cultures (via food), and embarking on road trips all across the Pacific Northwest. Lucy's looking forward to both learning how the law can be utilized to protect the environment and to applying that knowledge in practical and meaningful ways under the guidance of some remarkable mentors and leaders in this field.


Fall/Winter 2014-2015


Gabrielle Clark - Law Co-op Student, University of Victoria

Gabrielle is in her final year of law school at the University of Victoria. She grew up in Comox and Qualicum Beach, BC. Before studying law, Gabrielle completed a Bachelor of Arts in women’s studies and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) in visual art at the University of Calgary. As a law co-op student, she has assisted with policy development at the Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat, and worked with the West Coast Legal Education & Action Fund (LEAF) on legal issues affecting women’s equality. Gabrielle was also a student in UVic’s Environmental Law Centre clinic in the summer of 2013, where she worked on a report that called for a strategic environmental assessment of LNG developments in BC. She is looking forward to deepening her understanding of Indigenous and environmental law at WCEL, particularly with respect to cumulative impact management and LNG. In her spare time, Gabrielle likes to draw, practice yoga, and enjoy the beautiful West Coast scenery along the seawall.

Nicole Iaci - Pro Bono Students Canada, UBC

Nicole is a 2nd year law student at UBC Law and a proud member of Kwantlen First Nation. Before coming to law school Nicole completed a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in History and Political Science at the University of Victoria. In her studies at UBC Law, Nicole is pursuing specializations in Aboriginal law as well as Environmental and Natural Resources law. She is also very involved in the Indigenous Law Students’ Association where she is currently serving as Co-President. Nicole has also recently become Communications Director for the Environmental Law Group. Outside of law school Nicole works in the lands and resources department of her First Nation where she reviews and manages land referrals. In her spare time Nicole has recently picked up the art of Native American beading. Nicole hopes to shape her legal career by harmonizing her interest for indigenous rights and protection of the environment.

Polly Storey - Pro Bono Students Canada, UBC

Polly is a second year law student at the Allard School of Law at UBC. Prior to beginning law school, she obtained a psychology degree from UBC and took some time off to travel through Central and South America (and to Antarctica!). Last summer, Polly worked with a local non-profit that provides free legal assistance to low- and modest-income litigants unable to afford representation. As a Vancouver local, Polly couldn’t imagine living more than a few blocks from the ocean. In her future legal career, she hopes to help increase access to justice and protect the local environment. When she isn’t wading through her readings, Polly enjoys cooking, homebrewing, and tackling the trickiest pub trivia she can find.

Kegan Pepper-Smith - Law Student Volunteer, UBC

Kegan is a second year law student at the UBC Faculty of Law. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Global Studies from Vancouver Island University. As a law student and WCEL volunteer, Kegan is working to increase his knowledge of Indigenous laws of governance and resource management. Kegan is particularly interested in understanding how these laws can be utilized to inform environmental protection and sustainable resource development for the benefit of all Canadians. Last summer, Kegan interned with Ecotrust Canada and the Fisheries Law Centre, where he researched the adverse effects the current commercial fisheries licence regime is having on small-scale fishers, coastal communities, and the environment. He also recently became the Co-chair of UBC’s Environmental Law Group. Shaped by his upbringing on a small Gulf Island, Kegan is an avid outdoorsmen with a particular passion for surfing on Vancouver Island’s West Coast.

Holly Langille - Intensive Program in Aboriginal Lands, Resources and Governments, Osgoode Hall, York University

Holly is a 3rd year law student at Osgoode Hall in Toronto. She originally hails from the East Coast of Nova Scotia where she spent four years working as a liaison between Mi’kmaq communities and the provincial government on matters of education. She completed her liberal arts degree in Women’s studies and Critical Theory with a focus on residential schools. Since her time as a law student, Holly has been an immigration law caseworker at Osgoode’s legal clinic and she spent last summer working for Legal Aid Ontario. Holly has been co-president of the Osgoode Indigenous Students Association and has volunteered with the Toronto Law Union as part of their Anti-Colonial Committee. She finds happiness in quiet mornings with coffee, bird watching, bicycling, and working with small groups of passionately committed citizens. She is very excited to be at West Coast and is currently looking at environmental assessment, cumulative effects, and the ongoing dialogue between the province and First Nations on liquid natural gas pipelines.

Julian Tennent-Riddell - Law Student Volunteer, UBC

Julian is a 1st year law student at the UBC Faculty of Law. He is from Peterborough, Ontario and has a degree in Indigenous Environmental Studies from Trent University. Julian is passionate about environmental justice and Indigenous rights, and hopes to pursue a public interest career in Environmental Law and Aboriginal Law. Before law school, Julian was the Coordinator of a student volunteer-run organization which worked on campaigns for environmental protection such as fossil fuel divestment and campus food justice. He was an Intervenor in the National Energy Board hearings on the Enbridge Line 9 pipeline proposal, advocating against the shipment of diluted bitumen through Ontario. Julian also worked as a community garden youth animator, engaging youth to produce food for themselves and their community. He enjoys cycling, learning languages, and playing music.

Julian is thrilled to be volunteering with WCEL and to learn more about how to protect the environment through the law.

Dave Matthews - Law Student Volunteer, Macquarie University, Australia

Dave has just completed his fourth year of a combined degree in media and law at Macquarie University. Having worked as a paralegal for two and a half years at a commercial law firm in Sydney, he is excited to become involved at WCEL for a change that will expose him to issues in public interest law. Dave is particularly keen to learn about the role of First Nations in the governance of their traditional lands and how this is affected by various legal and environmental hurdles. In his spare time he loves hiking, swimming at the beach and playing the guitar.

Sanchia Scott - Law Student Volunteer, Macquarie University, Australia

Sanchia is currently in her final year of a combined degree of Law and Arts majoring in Indigenous Studies at Macquarie University, Sydney. Sanchia’s passion for both the environment and Indigenous Australia has lead her to pursue work experience at organisations, including Redfern Aboriginal Legal Service, the Australian Human Rights Commission, and the Nature Conservation Council of NSW. Most recently Sanchia interned at Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning where she conducted research in the area of Aboriginal Land Rights, and provided support to Traditional Owners facing threats to their lands and communities. Last year, Sanchia travelled to remote Arnhem Land in northern Australia and volunteered at the Garma Festival hosted by the Yolngu people of that area. The festival is instrumental in empowering the local community through promoting cultural maintenance and development on traditional lands. Sanchia is excited to be in the inspiring landscape of Canada and for the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience with WCEL. She hopes to use these experiences, and many more to come, in working toward sustainable relationships between humans and the natural world.