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kayakwoman.jpgWest Coast Environmental Law
200 — 2006 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, BC Canada, V6J 2B3
Phone: 604-684-7378
Toll-free in BC: 1 800-330-WCEL
Fax: 604-684-1312
Email: admin@wcel.org
Web: www.wcel.org

Executive Director

Jessica Clogg
Executive Director and Senior Counsel
Email: jessica_clogg@wcel.org
Direct Line: 604-601-2501

Legal Staff

Hannah Askew
Staff Counsel
Email: hannah_askew@wcel.org
Direct Line: 604-684-7378 ext 218

Deborah Carlson
Staff Counsel
Email: deborah_carlson@wcel.org
Direct Line: 604-601-2513

Andrew Gage
Staff Counsel, Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund
Email: andrew_gage@wcel.org
Direct Line: 604-601-2506

Anna Johnston
Staff Counsel
Email: anna_johnston@wcel.org
Direct Line: 604-601-2508

Eugene Kung
Staff Counsel
Email: eugene_kung@wcel.org
Direct Line: 604-601-2514

Gavin Smith
Staff Counsel
Email: gavin_smith@wcel.org
Direct Line: 604-601-2512

Development Staff

Lucy Hough
Director of Development
Email: lucy_hough@wcel.org 
Direct Line: 604-601-2509

Ashley Webster
Communications Assistant and Database Manager
Email: ashley_webster@wcel.org
Direct Line: 604-601-2515

Professional Staff

Barbara Everdene
Project Manager - Environmental Dispute Resolution Fund
Email: beverdene@wcel.org
Direct Line: 604-601-2503

Administrative Staff

Ceciline Goh
Office Administrator
Email: ceciline_goh@wcel.org
Direct Line: 604-601-2502

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