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Twitter Moot Teams and Judges

The Twitter Moot is a unique social media event, which saw 5 teams from law schools across Canada participate in a mock courtroom battle – all over Twitter.  Read on for information about our Judges and our Teams. 

The Teams

We had 7 teams apply to participate in the 2nd ever Twitter Moot.  Based on tweets that each team sent, our judges  selected the following 5 teams to participate.  Each team had 2 law students (who will take turns in arguing their case).  The teams were:

Congratulations to Samuel Harrison and Pippa Feinstein who won the moot!  West Coast is grateful to all teams and judges who participated in our Twitter Moot.

The Judges

Thank you to our three judges who sat as the Supreme Twitter Court of Canada (#STCC):

The judges were asked to rule upon the students’ advocacy and use of Twitter.  They did not be rule on the legal merits of the issues raised in the Twitter Moot.

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