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The Team from the University of Alberta

Team U of Alberta is Sam Harrison and Pippa Feinstein from the University of Alberta Law School in Edmonton, Alberta (click here to google map it).  Thank you to Ng Ariss Fong for sponsoring Team U of Alberta!

Sam Harrison (@tankersnothanks) - "I am an aspiring environmental lawyer, BA Soc. Geog. Tweeted last summer by sat phone while survival-hiking to raise NGP awareness."



Pippa Feinstein (@orangepipsies) - "Soon-to-be public interest environmental lawyer, president of U of A Enviro. Law Assoc. + dedicated enviro advocate!"



Sam and Pippa will be representing the Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources (CIER) in the Twitter Moot on November 20th.  Thanks to CIER for preparing instructions on the position to be taken by Sam and Pippa in the Twitter Moot. 

Read the Factum (summary of legal argument) of CIER.  In addition, Sam and Pippa have submitted the following graphics (click on the thumbnail for the full-size image), which will be referred to in their legal argument:

Read about the Twitter Moot problem for more information. 


Support Team U of Alberta

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