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The Team from Osgoode Hall Law School

Team Osgoode is Ryan Heighton and Jonathan Ungaro from the Osgoode Hall Law School at York University, in Toronto, Ontario (Click here to Google Map it). Thank you to Saxe Law Office for sponsoring Team Osgoode.

Ryan Heighton (@TheRyborg) - "Ryan is a 2L Osgoode student heavily interested in criminal law. Volunteer with homeless, social justice advocate, and blogger."



Jonathan Ungaro (@canadajon) - "Jon is a 1L at Osgoode, interested in international law and changes wrought by modernization and globalization. Budding oral advocate/mooter."



Ryan and Jonathan will be representing the Province of British Columbia in the Twitter Moot on November 20th

Click here to see the Factum (summary of argument) of the Province of British Columbia.  Read about the Twitter Moot problem for more information. 


Support Team Osgoode

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  • Post your good wishes for the team from Osgoode in the comments below. 
  • If you're glad to see students from York University participated in the Twitter Moot, take a moment to make a donation to support the event so that we can hold these for years to come.