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How You Can Participate

During the world's first ever Twitter Moot on February 21st at 10am PST (1pm EST) there were multiple ways to follow the moot.  You didn't need to be on Twitter to follow the event.  We had three ways to watch the moot, and since we plan on hosting a twitter moot in 2013, you can read below to determine how you can follow in the future.  Click here If you are interested in reading the Moot Record from this year's moot. 

1.      By following the Twitter Moot List

West Coast has a “Twitter List” at @WCELaw/twtmoot which follows each of the moot Team Members and Judges.  If you’re on Twitter, you can follow this list, and, on the day of the event, open it up to watch the action.  Because this list follows the participants directly, it is closest to a “real time” version of the Twitter Moot.  Not on Twitter?  No problem.  You can view the above list without logging into a Twitter account.  Please note that this Twitter List is not available using most mobile-based Twitter apps. 

2.    Using our “twitter feed

By following this link you’ll find a “twitter feed” which, during the Twitter Moot, will display the content of the Twitter List (ie. all the participants).  If you want to watch the moot through a normal, non-Twitter related page, simply come to this page at the start of the Twitter Moot, and catch the action without leaving the West Coast website.

3.    Using the #twtmoot hashtag

Another option for those on Twitter is to follow the #twtmoot hashtag (Click here to find out what a hashtag is).  This will capture many (although not necessarily all, if the participants miss using the hashtag) of the tweets sent by the participants, but will also catch what other Tweeps are saying about the moot, including comments, heckling, discussion, etc.  Should be a happy, but possibly confusing, mess, but it may be simpler to use one of the methods above to follow the action. 

In addition to following the event, feel free to give words of advice or encouragement to each team, either over twitter (using the #twtmoot hashtag) or on a team’s twittermoot web page

In addition, please support this kind of innovative social media event, with its potential to raise public awareness about environmental law and the need to protect our environment, by making a donation.

Click here to read the "Moot Record" for the Twitter Moot.