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Team UBC

Team UBC was represented by Hamish Stewart and Matthew Kalkman from Vancouver, British Columbia.  Thank you to Miller Thomson for sponsoring Team UBC!

Hamish Stewart is a law student at UBC and has worked on urban planning and public affairs projects in a number of African countries and China. He hopes that Canada will not become a tar sands super-power.

Follow Hamish at @hamishms.





Matthew  was born in Vancouver. He has an LL.B. from Durham University and an MSc. from the London School of Economics and Political Science where his studies in regulation focused on the financial crisis and climate change. He had the opportunity to represent the LSE as a delegate at the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. His writings on the responsibility to protect and the financial crisis have been published in the Cambridge Student Law Review and the Inter Alia Law Journal, respectively. Matthew spent the last year taking French Language Studies at Laval University in Quebec City, and writing his book New Liberalism. Matthew is currently taking law courses at UBC.

Matthew is on Twitter at @MatthewKalkman.


Team UBC represented the Province of Alberta (an intervenor) in the moot.  Read their Factum (written argument) and see how they tweeted their case on West Coast's Twitter Feed.  

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